Primary and Secondary Kartini Day (April 2022)

Nursery and Kindergarten Kartini Day (April 2022)

Kindergarten and Primary Vaccination

Virtual Collaborative Activity:
SpInS Interactional School and Army Public School Bangalore

A Virtual Halloween:
Celebratring SpInS Sharetober by Sophomore Interact Club

SpInS – Distributing Food Packets (August 2021)

SpInS – Independence Day Celebration 2021

SpInS – CNY 2021

Cooking Class

“In today’s Cooking Class, students were excited to make fruit satay”

Student Day (14 January 2021)

First Day School (2nd Semester 2021)

A Virtual Assembly: Secondary Heroes Day

A Virtual Assembly: Primary Heroes Day

A Virtual Halloween: Haunted House

SpInS Primary Graduation

SpInS Secondary Graduation